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Thread: AES Website?

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    Default AES Website?

    I saw on TV tongith there was a website for Eden Notrhe to pay bills on line and see you bill. I didn't think in time to get the address and I've done some searching in vain.

    Anyone know the address?

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    Default Obviously too good to be true.

    I guess if no one has said ‘no’ there is still a chance.

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    Default I've been getting my bill..........

    .........via email for over 2 years. I get three of them. I don't know if you can pay on line, haven't heard of that yet. I went down to the office in POP and gave them my email address about two years ago and then it took about 1 month and I got the bills. I get them on the 12th of each month. We are in Costambar.


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