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    Default Will the real price of the kWh please stand up?

    Does anybody know the rhyme or the reason why some of the kWh on my electric bill are charged at 2.87 RD$, some are charged at 4.09 RD$ and yet still others are charged at 6.09RC$ ? Isn't a kWh a Kwh? If not, I would love to know how to use the 2.87 RD$ ones instead of teh 6.09 RD$ ones. If I have to do laundry at 2:00 in the morning, so be it if it'll save me money!

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    Default What I figured out

    The first 200 KWH is charged at the lowest rate. The second 100 is the middle rate and if you use more than this then you get the rest of the hours charged at the higher rate. So to save just make sure you use less than 200 KWH a month and you'll be fine.

    I haven't used more than 200KWH in a long time and life is good!


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