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    Default Santo Domingo to Punta Cana

    Monday, March 14.... I need to get from La Capital to Punta Cana.

    I've seen other posts, but I'm confused. Why do some people say that there is NO BUS from Punta Cana to Santo Domingo!??!

    I was hoping CaribeTours might get me there for about RD$200, but their website shows that there are no buses to Punta Cana OR to Higuey!

    I see PuntaCanaFlights flies for $75 USD, but it gets there at 6pm... I would like to be there by 1pm, the latest. I don't want to pay that much anyway. I'd rather take a bus.

    What are my options? What about MetroTours, or Terra? If there is a bus to Higuey, how much is that? And how much for a public bus from Higuey to Punta Cana?

    P.S. I'm staying at the Grand Flamenco en Punta Cana.

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    Search here for the many many threads on this subject. Metro and Caribe run south to north. Not east. But there are, from SD to Higuey and PC, a couple of buses. The schedule is maybe good, maybe not so good but I recall several posts with such information.


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