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Thread: Older buildings

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    Default Older buildings in Sosua and other areas

    I am not going to name buildings around Sosua in this thread. But there is something that should be posted about older buildings that have suffered from neglect by owners, the weather or the recent earthquake. That is water damage from either a leaking roof, broken pipes in the walls or worse. Prolonged contact with these weeping walls and ceilings can cause health problems even to those that are not allergic to... MOLD. Mold spores are microscopic and become activated everytime it gets moist. Poorly ventilated units have severe mold spore problems. Using an air conditoner helps dry out the air and a dehumidfier will surely help. With the heat and humidity once again on the rise the mold spores also are on the rise. People that have mold spore allergies should look into these buildings and consider if they can live with it. As I said before, even someone that isn't allergic to mold becomes ill with prolonged contact with mold spores. But to someone that is allergic it can be fatal!
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    Default Same in SD

    We've got the same issues here in SD. Our "lovely" neighbour has problems with his pipes and does nothing about it. In fact I once went up on a Saturday morning, at 08:00!!!!! with a couple of handymen and did the work for him. This is another story of how one has to adapt to and find work arounds when wanting to live here.....

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