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    Default Juan Dolio

    Hi all,

    At the end of March, I will be traveling to Santo Domingo for 2 weeks. My boyfriend and I are making plans to go to Juan Dolio for a couple of nights. Maybe a weekend or so. What all inclusive resorts should we go to? And around how much will they run us for the weekend.

    I want to go somewhere that they have beach access and would prefer an all inclusive package. Not looking for something expensive. In other words, how much would Dominicans pay for spending a weekend there?

    Thanks for the advice! If anyone knows of any other beaches that would be cheaper and more beautiful to travel to please let me know.


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    Default There are several "cheap" AI's in Juan Dolio.........

    however you get what you pay for ( in this case- not much).
    IMHO it would be better to take a room at Hotel Flor di Loto (for $10 -very basic bed and shower- up to $40 for a kitchenette unit) and eat meals out in the restaurants in the area (very reasonable prices at Marina Club Bahai del Duke or Il Cappucino for lunch(hamburgers or sandwiches)).
    If you're looking for entertainment as in an AI then put out a few more bucks and stay at Hilton CoralCosta Caribe or Barcelo La Capella. I believe cantact numbers are on the DR1 hotel/restaurant pages.
    Mara informs me if you are emailing her it's better to use [email protected] instead of the [email protected].
    Sorry I can't give you prices for the AI's but I haven't done a survey this year!

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    If you stay in Boca Chica at the Don Juan or Hamaca you would certainly be closer and probably cost not a lot more than JD if any. Certainly less boring than JD by a long shot.
    And really the tourist class hotels and local restaurants are likely to be as nice and a lot cheaper than any AI, try Zapata for a family or Don Emilio or up the hill at Garant or Costalunga.

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    A good choice is Barcelo Colonial Tropical in Jaun Dolio. It is across the street from the Capella and you will have the same all inclusive as the Capella but for a fraction of the costs. The Colonial Tropical is usually the cheapest A1 in Jaun Dolio. I have stayed there often and by having a Dominican make the reservation (not in your name or your credit card) they will get the Dominican price.


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