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    Cool Street food in Santo Domingo

    Often times the most finger-lickingly delicious food are to be found on the street ! I'm glad Bureo finally did a series on it, which focuses on (Dominicanized) Mexican food.

    Any personal favorite to share ? I have noticed that countries with bustling night-life (Taiwan, Brazil..etc) tend to have the best street food, catering to hungry night-owls.

    Happy munching !

    Esquinas de tacos
    La gastronomía mexicana es muy conocida y popular en nuestro país. Es tal la admiración, que ha sido adaptada y dominicanizada hasta acercarla al famoso chimi
    Por Ana Alicia de Jesús / El Caribe

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    Default Taiwan

    I agree that Taiwan has some great night markets with a huge variety of food stalls. Love it!!

    Here in Santo Domingo I personally enjoy having some chicharon and a couple of 60 pesos burgers from a stall on wheels that rolls out on Bolivar street after 19:30. Apart from the great taste one meets up with some very interesting characters.
    For breakfast an empanada or two go down well!

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    Hey Formosano2000, I have to agree with you about Brazil and their street vendors.
    However, as far as the DR is concerned, my favorite food is Mofongo con carne de vaca. I've never bought it off the street though.


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