Museo Infantil Trampolin, Website:


Calle de las Damas, Zona Colonial, Santo Domingo

Lots of information on biology, science, geology, flora, fauna, cultural history etc, and all with a view to Dominican Republic.

- A room explaining about the human body with model of heart, eye, etc that you can take apart to learn the basics.
- Platform to stand on, that shakes according to variable setting for simulating earthquake.

Fun place to visit with lots of "touch friendly" displays. Educative for kids as well as for adults. Many schools bring the children there.

Friendly, helpful and very knowledgeable staff. By request you can get an English speaking guide.

This place is really worth a visit. I had lots of fun and I learned a lot. The location in Zona Colonial is close to attractions where tourists go, so for a visitor, bring your kids to Museo Infantil Trampolin! Or turn on your kid mentality and go there yourself!