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    Default Need help (again) shopping in SD and THANKS DR1

    Well time to go shopping again (I hate shopping). But first a big thanks to DR1, Rob (looks like I owe you another dinner) and Delores. I was one of the lucky ones who a few years ago bought a lot at SeaHorse Ranch (lots have doubled, now only if I had bought some pesos with my lot I'd really be feeling good now) and this year decided to build. But I needed to pay the bills so I put my Penthouse for sale at Caribe Campo.

    I have now sold it (again :-)) and from DR1's real-estate section got many inquires. Although Century 21 sold it, I also turned down an offer I got from DR1. Their real-estate section works and is a great resource for anyone trying to sell (or buy) property in the DR. In the two month it was listed I got maybe 10 good leads. Again, thanks!!!

    Now, the bad news. I sold my condo furnished (I asked for help here a few years ago and got some good advice) and I need to start over and furnish my new home at SeaaHorse. Also, I'd be open to meet with an interior decorator who lives on the North Coast to help (I'm a single guy who hates this stuff). I'd rather be on the beach or playing tennis then decorating, but ....

    I'll be in Santo Domingo in a few weeks shopping for these items. My house will be a rental (meaning I don't need the best for it will be replaced every few years).

    1.) Contemporary furniture for the living room, TV room (projection room). I bought my beds already at Hache in Santiago. I like simple, comfy and elegant and manly here sofas and chairs. Again reasonable (if that is possible)

    2.) Outside (patio) furniture. Including outside sofa and sitting chairs (have maybe 1,000 sq foot outside sitting area and maybe another 500 sq foot upstairs balcony.

    3.) Outside dinning table and contemporary bar stools

    4.) Good nick nack store (for odds and ends and decorating)

    5.) Washer/dryer, I need five splitters (A/C). A good place for fan selections and maybe a few TV's.

    It is really helpful knowing where to go and not wasting time. Ya, maybe I should get married for a few month or so and have my wife do it. But, this is the first time I've designed my own house and I might as well see it through ....

    Again thanks for any ideas and where to go and other stuff I should look at while I'm in the capital. In Santiago the only store worth a dam is Hache and the Ochoa furniture store (EXPENSIVE). But maybe I missed something??


    P.S. If Rob wants to help me move (last time I saw him he could use the exercise) I also could use the help. I'm little, weak, fat and sort of feeble :-)

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    Default Plaza Lama on 27th/Churchill

    On the second floor they have a large selection of very nice, affordable furniture and a huge selection of nick nacks! But I wouldn't shop there for electronics, I heard bad things about their products. Also Conforama (French) on the other side of the river, do a search I have writen about this store before. Could I be your wife for a day, I'm addicted to shopping! Have fun!


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