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    Default Follow up on the 2 Pedophiles in Sosua by "D"

    Here we are its Thursday and as I told you we all had to go back to see the Fiscal in Puerto Plata again. They grilled my Wife for about 2 Hours and I do not want to get into how she felt when they were done with her.
    After that JimBís future Wife had a very short Interview with the Fiscal.

    By the way it was JimBís Birthday yesterday and we had a surprise party for him at my house and it was like a mini DR1 reunion.

    Our Lawyer a local Boy from Sosua, who I can highly recommend to anybody, came out and told us that the Investigation is over they found nothing.
    Our Computers, Cameras and everything else they took is in Santo Domingo and will be returned on Monday.
    By then we also will receive an official letter saying that all charges have been dropped and that we are innocent.

    One very sad thing happened because of all of this.
    The Girl that was mentioned in the news as being under age and a prostitute had to be brought to the Emergency room in a private hospital yesterday, we were afraid that she would lose her baby, but as of this afternoon she is much better and her doctor told us that she needs rest and should be ok
    Her future husband told me this afternoon, that as soon as she is back home he will get into action about the person that started all of this against my partner and me.
    I have known him only for a few months but some of his friends a lot longer.
    Believe me I would not like to be their enemy.

    Leonís future wife mentioned yesterday that if Martin is such an evil person and seems to have good connections to the local police and slime ball lawyers here in town it might be a good idea to hire a security guard.
    He may just send someone to place drugs into our house or do something else.
    Both Leon and I now have guys with shotguns at our doorsteps.

    The reaction via e mails, phone calls and visits we received over the last week is just incredible, help was offered from people I never expected, thank you all so much.

    We will now take a few days to get our lives back in order.
    My daughter (8) has been having nightmares since the DNI came knocking last week.
    My oldest son (17) who impressed me immensely with his attitude against the DNI and the way he helped me and my partner when we were under arrest last week.
    My middle son (13) has been changed by the events of last week, we are a lot closer now.
    And thank god our twins (5) slept through most of it and just gave me a kiss on the cheek when we came back home.
    Leon has been put out of business since the events of last week until he gets his laptop back, he writes software programs for insurance companies and he estimates that he lost close to $6000.00 in income and penalties.
    Just in case you are wondering if we have started action against MartinÖYES
    Yesterday his bank account was frozen and he just went mental in the bank and later at a lawyers office here in town. He came to his senses a little later and started making phone calls to his lawyer that he now wants to negotiate.

    Sorry Martin I think it might be to late for that, but keep talking we are listening.
    I know you are reading this.

    I love to tell you what else is in store for him, but I think you all understand that I canít do that.

    I hope nobody innocent ever has to experience what my Family went trough in the last week

    Sosua April 28, 2005

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    It's good to hear that things with the Fiscal got resolved so quickly. I figured in the DR this might take months, if not years.

    I wish you and your family a speedy emotional recovery and hopefully you all will grow stronger.

    Let's us know how it turns out.

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    Be strong! For yourself , for your family and close ones.. and have faith that justice will win in the end..

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    I am glad indeed, that this matter has been resolved so promptly and with a happy outcome to those concerned. Outside of the "inconveniencing" (and I say that tongue in cheek) of the accused, the real tragedy is that the efforts made against this kind of activity have apparently been wasted on a wild goose chase. I would really like to see the person responsible for causing this to PAY for the time and effort put into the "investigation". I know it ain't gonna happen, but one can wish and dream......

    Pedophelia is no joke (and I am not talking about the borderline cases of say 14 or so). Law enforcement efforts should be focused on catching the real criminals and not launching vendettas against ex bussiness partners (if that is indeed the case which is looking more and more like it is).


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    Exclamation Hola Diego!

    I'm glade you came back and posted.

    To the rest, keep it to the thread, no personal attacks, or crusades.
    For that, there is the Edit Button, if you need to go off on a rant, use one of the other Forums to do so.

    The General Stuff Forum.
    For all those questions without a home.
    Not for the faint hearted or easily offended!

    Tim H.

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    Default Very sorry that this happened to the kids

    And the rest of the family.

    Apparently, this was some sort of vengence thing?


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    Default Glad to see the truth come out

    To D and family And To Leon and M.

    Glad to see everything is returning to normal. To bad i missed my friend D getting a little drunk at JimB party. That i would of like to see. But anyways keep your chin up guys. You have been thourgh hell and back and i for one am glad to see the truth come out.

    God bless both Ds and Leons familys and hope to see all of you real soon.


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    Having been 'convicted in the press' and being innocent (something years ago in The Bahamas) I know exactly how you feel. You will never read a newspaper the same way again I'm sure.

    I am very excited that you are actually doing a 'payback.' Wish I could have done that back then.

    Good luck

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    Default what a nice morning

    Good Morning, K.B.

    Edited by Tim H.
    Send me a PM or E-Mail, I saved the post, if we can tone it down, I can get it back up.

    Tim H.

    what do you want me to take away
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    I wish you and your family healing and peace; and for you, grace and wisdom on your next venture.


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