All of you, having kids, please be careful where your kid goes with the bike...
Last week when I was walking my dog I saw a little kid, 7-8 years, going on his bike from a side street of the Malecon and out.. He falls, the roads are bumpy and wet.. and the car on the Malecon had no chance in the word to stop for him...
The kid went to hospital of course, and luckily is still alive today.

On Saturday I went back to the street, asking around where he lived, as I wanted to check with the parents how the kid was and if they needed any assistance or help..
The kid is still in hospital, a broken leg, other bones broken, head hurts and on and on..
They were ok after the circumstances, and had a health insurance to cover most of the expenses..

But if you have kids, or neigbours with kids, please be careful where they go on their bikes.. It is not a game out there, and when something happens it happens for real..
I donīt know other cities, but here in POP the kids can drive their bikes safely on Plaza de los Bomberos. Around the park with no cars.
On Sundays, Rafael who is the chief of the Bomberos, allows only the small kiddies to drive their bikes, and the older kids cannot.

Many kids have old bikes, or almost selfmade.. this is fine, but they hardly have breaks and the traffic here is not really funny! So go on your neigbours too if you see danger ahead!
You might save a life!