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Thread: Threatening And Racist PM's

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    Default Threatening And Racist PM's

    Some DR1 members really take this site too seriously and to heart!.

    How can anyone be so stupid as to take whatever is said on a computer site and let it bother them so much that they end up being frustrated. Some get so frustrated that they end up sending threatening and racist PM's to whomever they "think" is challenging them or saying something that they don't like or they don't aprove of.

    I have always said that PM(Private Messages) are not that private after all. And I have always said that if I get any type of stupid PM's, that I would let people know about it. I am really not bothered by them, rather I think that they are very entertaining.

    Which brings me to member jerryme. I guess that he did not like something that I wrote or said to him and I received a nice PM from him, back in April 2004, telling me:

    "FU- Would you like me to stick my foot up your axx you d***head". Maybe he mistook me with a someone that is serving a life sentence in prison and would not mind being "serviced" by a male's foot.

    And again, from the same member, jerryme, I received yet another PM a few days ago (May, 18, 2005) telling me "in his words" how much he cares about me. He wrote:

    "Hello beaner- Anytime you wanna tell me to my face spic let me know. I don't fu** niggers like you". See, to me, the words SPIC and NIGGERS do not mix and since they don't I forwarded this moron's PM to Robert and to Anna since he was annoyed about a post in her forum.

    Come on, send me all types of PM if you are mad at me but there's no need for bodily harm or racist remarks. We can have a good argument PM'ing each other back and forth but why let it get to the point of threatening people that you don't even know?. Words means nothing to me. Threads means nothing to be. But being a racist or a bigot does mean something to me.

    Sometimes I feel like I am back in 2nd grade. We have the gossipers PM'ming each other telling whomever would listen bad things about a member just because they don't like that member. We have those "adults" members PM'ming other members and asking them "why do you want to get together with that guy, he is an axx" or "are you going to drive from so far away to get together with that axx hole". What are we, 10?.

    The "abusing the PM function" topic have being brought up in some conversation with some of my friends here and I am, as one told me, lucky. He claims that I am lucky that I have gotten only 2 that are really bad. He claims that he gets about 10 a month!.

    In no way, shape or form am I saying that I am a saint. I would NEVER send anybody a stupid PM unless that person sends me one first. But I would never, ever, send a threatening or racist PM to anybody. NEVER!.

    Why do some people resort to such childish behavior it's beyond me!. Speak your mind all you want. Tell me all you want. Call me all the names you want. Have a "problem" with me all you want. Just stop being such a spoiled brat threatening to harm someone when you know for a fact that if you see me, you would do NOTHING. I have been around long enough to know what's the difference between being BRAVE and being BRAVE BEHIND A COMPUTER. I am not even going to comment on the SPIC and NIGGER statement because that is just pure ignorance coming from an ignorant person.

    Remember people, a PM is not that Private. Especailly the ones that are threatening or racist.

    I just hope that there are not many members getting such dumm-axx PM's. I know of just 3 members that are as "lucky" as me.
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    Default It's a shame!!!

    It's a shame people have to resort to this name calling and racist remarks. I notice that on DR1 people say smart comments to each other when they dont agree with each other on a certain topic, we are all adults(well some of us are) we are not children we should treat every body like we would want to be treated with respect and dignity.

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    Default PM's

    I know of one Board Member who left this Board due to threatening PM's

    He said it just was not was not worth it anymore, I miss his threads.


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    Default PM's

    Getting racist pm or threatening pm's, cut and paste them, do not delete and send complaint to [email protected] they will look after the culprits.

    Go to your user control panel and place the sender of these pm on your ignore list and none will come again. The other option is to turn of your receiving abilities for pm's or emails.

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    Send the PM's directly to me and I will take care of it. In this case, it's been taken care of.

    I treat this the same as a message posted on the board and we take the same actions.

    We have a lots of posters, this happens, just like in everyday life.
    Reminds me of "road rage", but more pathetic.

    Gringo... I guess this person never contacted me?


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