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Thread: Need advice - Traveling students to Help in The DR

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    Default Need advice - Traveling students to Help in The DR


    I was talking with my brother in law last night - He's a teacher in a somewhat ritzy Denver school. He was telling me that every year a class from his school takes a trip to some third world country for a week or two to help out with whatever at that country. Kind of like a field trip, but to serve as educational, cultural, etc... Last year's trip was to Honduras and they helped a small indian community get a water tank or something to that effect. He said they were discussing to start planning for next years' trip (which normally occurs around March) and it dawned on him that maybe they should pick The DR as their next destination as he's heard a lot about from me. He's going to push for it and I'm sure he can get it approved.

    He says that even though they are not a religious school they normally hook up with churches and such organizations for these activities, because they normally have the contacts already in place.

    I want to help him get this going for next year. So what I need from you guys are ideas on kinds of projects that these kids could help out with for a week or two that would be challenging and at the same time rewarding to them. Specific examples would be great.

    The other thing I need from you are contact information to organizations that they can hook up with to make this happen. They could be of any kind (religious or not). I just need to pass this along to him. He's never been down there and has no clue on who to contact to get the ball rolling. I on the other hand want to make sure it is a rewarding, fullfilling experience for these kids and that if it does happen that everything goes smoothly.

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    Default Perfect place

    The Mustard Seed Prokect in POP.

    This is a shoe string operation that cares for very disabled children.

    Get in touch with "La Profe" Grace. She has managed to do a lot for the school and can certainly put that cheap labor to good use.

    Best thing is the husband and wife that are running it are Jamaican and can speak English, mon!!




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