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Thread: Who Does What?

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    Question Who Does What?

    Ref Aquaculture Dominican Republic.

    Hi Everyone.

    Does anyone have a contact point within the DR ministries that might deal
    with Aquaculture in DR?

    Plus I am also looking for information on the geological zones of DR.

    Any help very much appreciated.Ref Aquaculture Dominican Republic.

    Best Rgds.

    Jeannie Pons

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    Default Jeannie---

    You might try a Google search on athesubject of theGeology of the Dominican Republic.
    I did that over a year ago and it turned up some very interesting points.
    Also, try a search on the Caribbean Plate (tectonic movements and history) and that will lead you to more links worth looking into.

    Hope this puts you on the right track and good luck!

    Texas Bill


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