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Thread: Occidental Grand Punta Cana

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    Default Occidental Grand Punta Cana

    We will be leaving one week from tomorrow. Can anyone give me any informatin about this resort that I might use? How about any tours off the resort. We plan to go one day to see the whales. What else do you suggest. Is there anything close to the resort (30 min. drive) to see. How about shopping especially for jewlery. Any suggestions from anyone? I have gotten some great help from this site before and could use this last bit to get ready for my vacation.

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    Default Plaza Bavaro

    There is a small "tourist" shopping center called Plaza Bavaro located in the Bavaro/Punta cana area. You must HAGGLE like hell or you will get totally ripped-off. The going rate is about 66% off the first price you are quote. It is VERY important that you do NOT use a credit card because they have "card readers" and your Credit card information will be sent ASAP to all the Dominican family in New York City who buy **** on the internet before you realize what has happened. The other real stunt is they will process your credit card and then the electric goes off. They wait a few minutes, then tell you it did not process and you must pay cash. After you leave, they turn the electric back on and you get screwed when you get your bill about 1 month later. Take small bills because the merchants will NEVER have change, they want to to say "forget it" it is just a couple of bucks. Your very best option is to go to Higuay (city about 45 minutes away) but they drive like morons and it is best not to rent a car. If you speak some spanish that is a big help, otherwise you are in trouble. I have been to this area 7 times during the last 3 years for vacation, so feel free to ask me any questions. take care !!!!!


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