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    Default Good news regarding Atlantica!

    I recently inquired more information about this project, primarily out of curiosity due to some of the rumors on DR1 about this project being a flop. I got a prompt message from their office in Santo Domingo.

    I was going to copy and paste the email response here, but I noticed a confidentiality note at the end of the message strictly prohibiting such action and/or any transmission of any kind of specific information.

    I'll suffice this by stating (without violating the confidentiality note) that Atlantica is still on the drawing board.

    Supposedly, they have model homes for interested clients, an office in Santo Domingo, a reception with restaurant, etc.

    The reason for the hold I think will jeopardize the confidentiality note, thus I will not disclose this detail.

    However, if you want more details about this simply contact them in the contact section of

    The project is still on and that's the good news!

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    Cool Thank you NALs

    Thank you NALs for going out of your way to help us all out

    seriously Dude,

    Thank You!

    (is it on as a component of Costa Bayana?)
    (if it is, are they going to soon have a website for Costa Bayana?)
    ....what's the e-mail?

    P.S. I will contact them to confirm weather this will indeed be the BANG! my Market Research Project paper needs

    Thank You, NALs

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    I can understand why they would be up beat to a prospective investor, it's their job and future at stake.

    The "chatter" here in the DR is a little different to what you get via email back home NAL's. Land disputes, lack of funds, no construction, etc etc. Is any of this 100% true, who knows? But unless my money was 100% escrowed and protected with a reputable 3rd party, I wouldn't invest 1c in Atlantica.

    Feel free to send me the email and I will follow up with their Santo Domingo office, it's just round the corner.


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