Hi there

I've had a wee look around the forums and not seen anything specifically what I'm after so can't lose much by posting!

I'm a chemical engineer (masters) with 2 years experience in fine chems and pharmaceuticals, hoping to move to DR in a year or two, beginning to think about jobs. I'd like a decent one ;o).

Don't speak spanish yet but its on the game plan before I move (possibly before I get round to applying).

I'm raking through the big multinationals / UK / US I have heard of but wondered if there were any medium-sized firms that folk on the forum may know of / work for / have dealt with that might take on a British graduate for reasonable pay? Or even info bigger firms that I may have "thought of" as I might not have sctually looked ta them! Current salary is 24-25k, not totally desperate to earn as much/more but would be preferable (isn't it always?) Experience in process eng, troubleshooting, commissioning/validation and (by the time I move) production management.

Santo Domingo preferred due to location of the girlfriend but would consider elsewhere.

"Love finds a way" and all that so if I don't get anything like this, theres always plan B, but hopefully looking early and doing homework might pay off.

Please no "fat chance of getting that", "lower your sights" etc - this is me looking for the ideal, I know I will probably have to compromise.