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    Default Mendoza /Santo Domingo murders?

    I have been in outer space for a few days, but have heard stories about a couple in the Mendoza section of Santo Domingo who were just caught.

    Apparently, the woman would target well-to-do guys, take them "home" to her house, and then she and her partner/husband would murder him, steal all money/jewelry, cut up his car and sell the parts, and dispose of his body in a well on their property. The stories were that the police have recovered at least 20 remains of their victims.

    Can someone fill in the blanks for me?

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    Default No tenemos la culpa.

    Quote Originally Posted by GringoCArlos
    Can someone fill in the blanks for me?
    It's all in the papers:

    But they had an explanation:
    "We killed to survive."
    Isn't that cute?!


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    Man i was then right the other night for refusing to go to the home of this hottie i met in Ave Venezuela. mmmm, no wonder she didn't want to follow me to my hotel

    Never mind, the girl i met looked nothing like that lady!


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