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    Default Language Schools in SD

    Has anyone used Entrena or Instituto Cultural Dominico Americano for learning Spanish? We are a US family moving to Jarabacoa for two years. I speak Spanish pretty well, but my hubby is required by his organization to spend at least 6 months in formal language training before we move to Jarabacoa. The organization wants us to go to Costa Rica for that six months. We would like to be DR instead.

    I searched this site (have been a lurker for a while!) but didn't see any posts about these schools.


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    Default Icda

    It is a very good school, you can look for a lot of posts in this board with this name ICDA.

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    Talking Entrena

    Quote Originally Posted by bennymack
    Has anyone used Entrena
    I believe Dolores may be able to give you some details about Entrena.

    John Seibel runs the outfit. I've worked with them on different projects and they were a pleasure to do business with. Very nice people.


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