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    Default Looking for Apartments in Puerto Plata

    Does anyone know of where I can find a furnished apartment in Puerto Plata. Like a one bedroom for no more than 350.00 us per month.
    I would appreciate any advice I donīt know the area very well.

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    Hi Alyssa, take a hotel room for 5 weekdays, and look around. Seeing is believing. There are rooms from 400 pesos up to 1100 pesos downtown and from there you can ask around and go and see.
    I read in another post, that you plan to find work here, and in that case you might want to find a cheaper place, as salaries are quite low. Unless you want to pay out of other money.
    Apartments for rent, comes in many shapes and forms. Some are available for short term, and therefor more expensive, and other are residencial and a little less in rent. Most furnished apts aims to tourists on long term, and the prices goes up directly.
    Cost also depends on what else is included ( gas, cable TV etc ).

    My advice to you is to NOT rent from the internet. Come and see. Areas are different, some are closer, some are more noisy, some are safer etc etc.

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    An apartment, 1 bedroom furnished - cable ready is currently available at Hotel Castilla, 165 US per month, no lease required, as carina says come and see. Joanne


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