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    Cool Cost Of Living...

    Im A 20 Year Old Male, Single... Im Wondering Around How Much Do You Think I Need To Make In DR Currency To Live Independently, Im Used To Spending Alot But Im Tired Of Living With My Parent Who Moved Down Here For Retirement... Im Making RD 12,000 Right Now, Does Anyone Know If Thats Enough To Live Off? I Know I Can Live Off That But I Dont Want To Move To Some Bedroom In Some Old Guys Backyard... I'd Like A Nice Furnished Apartment, How Much Do You Guys Think Things Like Groceries And Light and Cable And Phone And Internet And All The Regular Living Expenses Will Cost Me.... Any Insight Will Be Apreciated
    Thank You!!

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    Where are you? Cost of living can vary a lot depending on whether or not you are in a tourist area. Regardless, I don't think the lifestyle you described is possible for RD12,000. For one thing, furnished apartments run about double unfurnished. You'd be better off getting an unfurnished place and buying furnishings a little at a time. Internet service is overpriced, but if you have a laptop, you should be able to get access at a wifi hotspot (again, depending on your location.) Use cellphone with prepaid cards and don't get a landline. Don't even think about air conditioning. Eat a lot of rice and beans and you may be able to swing it.

    There are many many threads on this subject here. Click on search on the toolbar above and enter "cost of living".

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    Perhaps ask your parents what they spend on things like cable, phone, internet and such things. Then, go out and see what you can rent a nice apartment for, and then figure out your budget. Apartment, security deposit, water, electricity, cable, phone & internet, food, transportation, expenses for eating out and clubbing and so on. You'll soon get the idea. Then, perhaps figure a way to share a place.

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    Wink The Gringa Share

    Quote Originally Posted by Chris
    ... Then, perhaps figure a way to share a place.
    ... or pull the sankie trick.


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    Default !

    hey buddy heres my budget in US$ monthly
    elect ;60
    fun; 400
    rent; i have my own place
    personal insurance; 40
    transport; i use motor concho's ($20-30)
    total = 730mth *32rd= 23360rd mthly plus rent

    But im telling you , if you want to live out and away from the parents and you like to spend, you'll find plenty to spend your money on...!

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