Hey Everyone,

I have been reading this post and have even tried to search for the answers to these questions. I will be moving to SD for 7 weeks this summer. I have all the arrangments for living, working, and airport taken care of, here is what I am trying to figure out:

1.) I need to ship or bring some teaching materials in addition to my personal luggage. What is the most cost efficient way to do this, my materials need to get there for July 3rd.?

2.) In terms of personal belongings, is there anything that I might forget to bring that I should remember. I have read about contact solutions...medicines....sunscreens...all being expensive, is there any other personal items I need to bring.

3.) I am not sure about a telephone in my apartment yet. If there is not a phone line, what is the best way for me to establish a 7 week phone. I do have a "Canadian cell phone.

4.) I am in the process of training for a National running team. Therefore, I need to train everyday. I have read about the Olympic Center a bit, and have found a few ads for the Gold's Gym.
Does the public have access to the Olympic Center?
Does anyone know if there are "stability balls" in these facilities?
Does anyone know if you can purchase "Whey protein power?" If so is it expensive?
Is anyone aware of a "running club" or "track team" in SD"?

5.) What is the best way for me to deal with the money situation. Should I convert CDN to US and then when I get to DR convert to Pesos?

I know this is ALOT of questions, but I tried to be specific enough so hopefully someone will be able to answer some of them. Thank you so much for this forum, it has been my priority EVERYDAY since I made the travel decision. I am not sure if there is such a thing in other countries, but there should be. I even read this to my Canadian students (well some of it..hahahaa) just to educate them a bit on the DR culture.

Hope to hear from someone? soon.

Thank You

P.S. My hotmail (MSN contact) is [email protected], if this would be easier for anyone, I am online most of the day.