Found a great little hotel while trying to find a restaurant in Boca de Yuma last weekend, El Viejo Pirata (the old pirate ). You'll see a sign on the main road into town.
We pulled into our planned restaurant to the left when you first pull onto the water front road. But the music in one of the restaurants was way too freak'n loud, so we followed the water front road in the opposite direction (turn right when you arive at the water front (follow signs to El viejo pirata) A small very clean hotel and restaurant on the right. Very friendly folks, Fulvio (owner) and Nancy (the "old pirates women" but not so old.). They only speak italian and spanish that I know of (no english)

Great if you want to get out of the crowded city for a weekend or just go for a long day drive. Highly recommend the fish fillets, even if you don't like the typical fish served in 3rd world countries, like myself. No bones/skin and a delicious breading. Makes his own drinks too. From his Domincan version of Italy's Lemon Cello (spelling?) and various types of mama juana.
No great beach there though but he has a clean small pool you can use even if you just stop for lunch for about 100 pesos I think. But just a nice place to go to kick back and relax. About 25 buck a night if you stay. He grows some of his own veggies and spice for the restaurant.

ONly gripe would be the restaurants bathroom. No toilet seat in the guys head (typical Italian style). Don't know about the women's room.

Really friendly folks. And NO we don't have any vested interest in this place. Just posting a recommendation.
Phone number if you want it: 809-355-3365/cell-1809-449-5987