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    Robert Shackelford

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    The ATM's in dom rep. charge your account when it does not have the cash you request,or it is out of cash.This amounts to stealing.This has been going on the last two an half years.You must br aware of it and call your bank in the USA,and wait untill
    your account is credited.
    2.I apply for my residential card was given a temp card went and had all test done after one year went back to get my perament card 04/24/2000 and was told that the computer was broken,I paid $1600and given a phone number that I call once a week and still get the same story untill this day I done have my perament card

    thanking you in advance


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    Could you be more precise? What does the residential card have to do with the ATM? Are fou formulating two different questions?

    The more clear and precise your question the better I can answer and help you.


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