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    Dennis Callahan

    Default manufacturer of shoe soles?

    Several years ago I was invilved with supplying a plant in DR with flex PVC that was used to make shoe soles. Since then my American contact has disappeared from contact. Could you help put me in touch with this gentleman in DR as I materials available in Miami for sale.

    Best regards

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    Default Re: manufacturer of shoe soles?

    Most manufacturers of shoe soles for the US market are located in more than 40 Free Zone parks and some other industrial parks.

    Of course I can help you locate your lost lead/contact. But I would need more information than what you have given me.

    If you want to do it yourself, or if you want to cantact possible buyers, you might want to contact the Dominican Association of Free Zones and the Association of Industries of the Dominican Republic and the Association of Industries of Herrera.

    If you send me an email with more specific information regarding your product I can forward it to the Executive Directors of the above mentioned Associations so they can forward it to the specific factories.

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    Default Re: manufacturer of shoe soles?

    Many local DR companies are involved in making shoe/boot soles and full-plastic sandals out of flexible PVC.
    I'd expect demand of this material to be focused almost exclusively to the local DR market, as opposed to the free-zone exports market, as flex PVC is an inexpensive material with OK apparent quality, but with very poor long term performance and grip (i.e. you won't find Nike or Timberland using PVC, but there's a chance some free-zone manufacturers of slippers might be using the foaming flex PVC compounds for their low-spec products).

    Here are a few contacts (wish we had an online DR phone book...maybe Mr.Emam-Zadé or someone residing there could post the phone#'s):

    (In Santo Domingo)
    Productos de Piel
    Celso Pérez CXA

    There's also more than a couple local producers in Santiago that produce sandals and boot soles and trade regularly with Haiti.


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    Default Re: manufacturer of shoe soles?

    Here are the phone numbers of those 3 companies.

    Productos de Piel ---- Tel: 531-2222
    Celso Pérez CXA ---- Tel: 687-2051
    Calitex --- Tel: 684-1979

    I suggest that through them you try to get the phone number of their Shoe Manufacturers Association, and through this organization, the numbers of their other then you should have a very interesting target market to work with.


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