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Thread: Opening a bank account in DR?

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    Default Opening a bank account in DR?

    What kind of ID does a Canadian need to open a DR business Bank account?

    Thank you

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    Default Re: Opening a bank account in DR?

    Usually any foreigner can open a personal account with personal ID documents, such as a Passport in most local banks.

    However, a business/corporate bank account requires that you deposit the firm's bylaws and other corporate documents, such as a letter authorizing whoever is going to sign checks to do so.

    I suggest you contact some Dominican Banks, some of which have their web sites to answer your questions and cater to your needs.

    You might want to try contacting Banco Popular, Bancredito, Banco BHD, Banco Mercantil, Banco Intercontinental and other local banks.

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    Default Thank you for the info. *DC*


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