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    At what annual income level is one required to pay income tax in the Dominican Republic in general?

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    Income up to RD$102,792.00 annually, does not pay taxes

    Income from RD$102,792.01 to RD$171,309.00, pays 15%

    Income from RD$171,309.01 to RD$256,957.00, pays RD$10,278.00 plus 20% of the amount over RD$171,309.00

    Income from RD$256,957.01 upwards, pays RD$27,408.00 plus 25% of the amount over RD$256,957.01.

    However these rates and scales will probably be lowered after a proposed reform takes place, possibly during the next days/weeks (actually in debate in Congress)

    If you are interested in more ingormation regarding taxes in the DR go to:

    or directly to over 300 FAQs about DR taxes in



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