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    J. Elisabeth

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    I am trying to find jobs in the public service, advertising or consulting, if they are international corporations the better. I have being searching the web but I cant find much information. If anyone knows of anything, can you assist with some places that might be more productive? Thanks!

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    check out, an online casino marketing company near Santo Domingo. Their affiliated customer service branch is If you speak more than one language, there is also the online translation service called Good luck.

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    If you want me to, I can foward your resume and a cover letter to my email contacts in the Dominican Business community.

    If you want me to do this, send me your resume and a cover letter offering your services in MSWord format and an email athorizing me to forward your resume to whoever I think that could be interested.

    Send it to my email, which is: [email protected]

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    Take care of ilanguage, they are experiencing a lot of problems to pay their employees, they recently fired +/- 10 people and are almost in court because they cannot pay their liquidation. From what I heard, most of the executives are leaving except the boss and his family. The company could be closed soon.

    In addition, the boss in DR is well known for being dishonnest. Anyway, he has nothing to say, he is just "the voice of America",the real management is located in the US and he is just trying to do what they tell him to do. So, take care...


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    Thank you for your information.

    We will be careful.


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