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    I am very interested in investing into the Free Zone industry in the Dominican Republic. What is your suggestion on where should I start? Is there a specific governmental agency in DR that promoted foreign investment? Do you have a contact name that can help me get started? Thank you for any input that you may have...

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    Richard for information on free zones you can look up
    the national free zone council at
    also the Industrial Development corpration at or the Interamerican development bank at www. for foreign investments.
    good luck

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    You might start by contacting the following contacts
    "ZF: Jose M. Torres" "OPI: Wendy Capellan"
    "ZF: Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas"

    I also took the liberty to send your message to several (18) of my contacts in the free zone sector, mostly free zone park owners

    NOTE: Regarding responses, if youy can, please keep me informed (you can send me an email directly to [email protected]) regarding how many responses you got to measure the responsiveness of my contact list; no names, just how many of the 18 contacted you.

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    Somehow the email addresses did not appear so here they are again

    Mr. Jose M. Torres at [email protected]

    Ms. Wendy Capellan at [email protected]

    Director of the Consejo Nacional de Zonas Francas at [email protected]

    GOOD LUCK - keep me informed


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