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    Jody Dotson

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    Hello again,

    I am looking for the history of inflation rates, GDP (current and constant), and prime lending rates for the Dominican Republic in English. The website of the Central Bank provides the data in Spanish but not English. Can you direct me to a website or other source?

    Thanks, Jody

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    Gabriel Arroyo

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    Dear Federick I would like to know about the DR Investment Potential ,I am Interested mostly in Real Estate and how to or what can be done to improve the overall economy ,without destroing the enviroment. I Know that energy is critical but perhapes that problem can be address diffrently in a nation of only 7 million citizens,Solar , and other Nature friendly way. I understand that DR citizens living in the USA send to their Relatives living on the Island the sum figure of 1 thousand two hundred million US dollers a year in goods and money. the problem is management or lack of management.

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    The malaise is called subdesarollo or underdevelopment, basically caused by underdeveloped minds due to lack of adequate education and malnutrition, sometimes from within the womb and going back several generations. The solution: investing heavily in people's health and education, infrastructure and other human and national capital formation processes. But it is infinitely easier said than done.

    However, because virtually everything still has to be developed in the DR, the potential for growth is enormous. Real Estate is promising, but you have to be very cautious about what type of real estate you want to invest in.

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    I am afraid you'll have to translate it or have it translated. The Central Bank is the source of the information you seek. Maybe you could contact them and ask them, they migh have a written document with the info you seek.

    If not, you might want to contact, an e-company who is really good at it.

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    Did you look at if not, check out your local library for economic magazines and country reports from the IMF, IDB, and/or other similar agencies. You should be able to find everything you want in english, and in US$ terms. Check out their websites as well. Good luck!


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