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    Default Canada, DR Logistics

    Which ocean freight companies (websites appreciated), run direct from Canada to DR? If none, which US port commonly serves the DR?
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    Regarding your second question Miami-Florida, New York-NY and San Juan-Puerto Rico are the US ports that most commonly serve DR.

    Regarding yur first question you might find answers contacting:

    Asociación de Navieros (Shippers Association)
    Puerto de Haina, Margen Oriental,
    Edif. Naviero 3era planta
    Santo Domingo, R.D.
    Tel: (809) 539-6080 Fax: (809) 539-7079

    Maritima Dominicana, S.A.
    PO Box 1301
    Carretera Sanchez Km 12 1/2
    Santo Domingo
    Telephone:+1 (809) 539 6000
    Telex: RCA 32 64 244 (mardom)
    Fax:+1 (809) 539 7200; (809) 539 7300
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Frederic Schad, Inc.
    Head Office
    26 José G. García St.
    Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
    Tel. : 809-221-8000
    Fax : 809-688-7696
    Telex : 3264122
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Mailing Address from abroad:
    EPS A113
    P.O. Box 524121
    Miami, Fl 33152-4121 USA

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    Default Re: Canada, DR Logistics-thanks

    ...Very informative information.


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