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    ted zorn

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    For a (solar) water heating project in the DR I will need plastic plumbing materials. I'm especially looking for pipes made of PP (or PE) with an outer size of 25 mm. Are these materials common in the DR ? In Europe these materials are not only used for
    plumbing but also in agriculture.

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    james stewart

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    Their is a company here that sells it. The owner is Mario Conversano I will give you the phone number Monday as I have it in my office.

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    james stewart

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    The name of the company is DOMI S.A.
    Located on Romolo Bettencourt
    Sorry don't have the phone you can call information.

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    ted zorn

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    Thanks again for the information. But the yellow pages on internet results in more than 100 pages of businesses with DOMI.
    Do you have a little more information ?

    Kind regards, Ted

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    james stewart

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    This is a newly formed company [he had a diffrent name before]If you are located here you can call local information for the number. He is not in the phone book yet under this new company name it will come out next year.

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    james stewart

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    Hold on
    I found it in the new book.
    Domit Import-Export C por A
    Tuberias en Polietileno P.E. Alta Densidad Hasta 38"
    Piezas de connection en Bronce Y Plastico
    38 anos garantia.
    Tel: 809-531-1577
    Fax: 809-531-2024
    e-mail [email protected]
    Av Romulo Betancourt # 528-A
    Urb. Real
    Santo Domingo D.N.
    Tell him Jimmy sent you


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