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    Exclamation Battery Maintenance Warning...

    ...........for years we have always had trouble with the battery for the generator dying.......not sure exactly why......

    So, last year, when we bought a new one, we decided to attach to it a small charger. (1amp, 12v, 110 ac).

    For almost one year, there was never a problem and the battery always started the generator immediately.

    Recently, we have had the generator on manual, so the watchman would have to "push" a button if we wanted to start it instead of on automatic. When he "pushed" the button, the battery EXPLODED into smitherines and there was absolutely NOTHING left to it........IT WAS LUCKY THAT NOONE WAS INJURED OR KILLED!. The noise from the explosion was incredible.

    Needless to say, there will be no more "trickle" chargers around the house.

    On a funny note, we had a guest that was here for the first time when I asked the watchman to start the generator, and she at first thought "wow, that's a powerful generator!" , until we realized what happened.

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    When you charge batteries two of the by products are hydrogen and oxygen due to some electrolysis of the water in the batteries. If the hydrogen level goes above 4% by volume in a given area it becomes flammable and if constrained in, for example a cell of a battery, it can become explosive. Also fortunate is that no one was burned (especially in the eyes) by the acid which was undoubted tossed around the immediate area of the blast.

    It is imperative that all battery charging areas (including those for inverters or inversors) be extremely well ventilated - especially if they may be on charge for long periods of time permitting a long, gradual build up of Hydrogen.



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