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    Hi, we're a German couple, 40 years old and look for sincere and honest contacts in DR. We would like to move, live and work there. If info can be provided or people are interested in building up a contact with us and could provide us with more info about work possibilities, please mail to [email protected] privately. We speak German and English, no Spanish yet. Only sincere and honest mail please. I'm interested in building up friendships, not just business relationships Greetings from Australia Sibille

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    If you are sincere, it's necessary to know where in the Dominican Republic you intend to move. It's a big island. jim

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    Hi Jim,

    we are sincere, absolutely - I've started to research DR very thoroughly, but this takes time. I need to gather more information, but my best thought at the moment is the area of Santo Domingo - we need jobs, and this seems to be the best way to start there. If you've better suggestions - I'm interested to hear. But I'm sure this is the best area to start for us.

    Thanks for your reply - I do not check the message board every day, so more detailed info would be appreciated to our private address.

    A happy new Millennium Sibille


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