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    Jun Xu

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    My name is Jun Xu from China and live in China now. Nowaday I have got the Dominican Republic Passport from its HONGKONG Agent. I still stay in China and is urge to know what countries I can enter and how long I can stay holding Domincan Passport with visa free. And I also want to understand whether I can enter Domincan Republic with the passport and under what conditions I can enter the United States. Please fell free to supply your kindly answers. I will appreciate you very much for your help. My e-mail address : [email protected]

    Sincerely yours, Jun Xu

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    That's interesting ... You purchased a dominican passport. I guess we can buy everything from the Dominican Republic. If I may, how much did you pay (in US $) for your passport ? Well ... as dominican you can certainly enter the Dominican Republic but as fair as to entering the USA, Canada, Great-Britain, you will still need a visa. Honestly, I do not think that purchasing a Dominican Passport was a good thing in your situation. There is passport more valuable such as the Grenadian (Grenada) passport which does not need a visa to entering Canada, Great-Britan, etc.. Howver, I hope that you will enjoy the Dominican Republic. You can certainly start a new life here ... and be happy. Goodluck.


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