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    what do you recomend about bringing my dog down with me? also are there good childrens zoos?

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    There is a relatively good children's zoo in Santo Domingo. Unless you will be traveling for a long period, more than a month, and have no better option than bringing him down, I would not do so. Especially the big dogs suffer from the plane trip, and you may have trouble keeping the dog with you here, also. Very few hotels will accept the dog as a guest.

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    Dominican immigration also requires that they keep any dogs transported from another country locked up at the airport for several days, which is a pretty horrible experience for the dog. You might be able to circumvent this rule with a bribe, but it's probably not worth doing at all.

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    I wouldn't bring a dog into the D.R. They would be exposed to all sort of germs they would have to immunity to.


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