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    what are the beaches like? are they very crowded? please help me!!

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    Maca (Spain)

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    The beaches are very different depending on what part of the country you are.... The best of all are Bavaro beaches, but you would only find tourist there....I've heard that Samana is marvellous, but i have never been there... I like Juan Dolio Area and Boca Chica, as well as Sosua (in the north), they are typical dominican beaches, sometimes a bit crowed, but it depends on what you are looking for....

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    Samana IS marvellous. Especially Playa Rincon, but others are equally beautiful in their different ways.

    I loved Playa del Valle but was told that the waves are often too high here for it to be a safe place to swim. They certainly were the day I was there but the sight itself was awesome. It is difficult to get to, you will need a 4WD or similar as you have to cross a couple of small rivers.

    I found most of the beaches of the North very nice too. On some of them there are lots of places with coral in the water, so bring sandals or ask the locals for places with no coral if you want to swim.

    Regards, Susanne

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    The beaches of the DR are fantastic! the ones in Samana area,Playa Escondido which is right in Samana is nice.Las Galeras is also real nice and has caves at the end of the beach if your will ing to that far...worth it!Also Playa Rincon which is a little farther to get to but definately well worth it,there is also a river that runs into Rincon and the scenery there is great.All of these beaches are fairly quiet but on holidays and weekends can be busy.Take Care


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    Rasta Man

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    One thing I noticed about the beaches in Boca is. There was a lot venders trying to sell something (yes I know they have to make a living). The beach it self is very nice. Because of a reef a little ways out, there is no waves.

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    Punta cana beaches are beautiful and warm with white sandy beaches. They can tend to get a little crowded though because they are located in a tourist area. Samana is by far the best beach area, but it takes a lot of travel time to get there. We drove 3 hours one day. but it was well worth the time!!!!!!

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    Jim Hinsch

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    That question would be like asking "what are the houses like in your country?" The beaches vary by location.

    Contrary to what many people may tell you, there is no "best" beach. It all depends on what you think makes a great beach. In my opinion, Boca Chica is the best beach for swimming and water skiing, because it is clear, calm, shallow, and varying degrees of color depending on the time of day and angle of the sun, with a deep blue background beyond the reef and a very light tan colored sand that is not too course, generally flat, and free of debris making it easy on the feet. The surrounding town is somewhat seedy however and on Sundays only, the beach gets really crowded and trashy. By Monday all is cleaned up. Tuesday mornings, the beach is very isolated.

    Jim Hinsch [email protected]


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