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Thread: Puerto Plata - January 1 - 8

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    I'm off to Puerto Plata on January 1 for some much needed rest and relaxation, and hopefully some exploration and adventure. If anyone out there is going to be in Puerto Plata around this time, and would like to meet up, I'd like to hear from you. [email protected]

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    too bad... my two friends and i arrive on the 8jan and leave on 15jan we are looking to meet some people before we leave

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    Hi Milli, I'm jsut looking through the sites for some accomodation information. I got a last minute flight from the UK to Puerto Plata and I have to leave in a cou0ple of hours. Any tips for inexpensive decent Accomodation. I really have got a last minute deal and thus have little or no information about where I ma going or where to go when I get there. Failing anything else, I think I will be heading for the 'Playa Dorado' area when I clear the airport. If you are about in the next couple of hours and you have have any info I would be much obliged. Ciao, Andy


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