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    Well I need help.. I live in Miami and my girl lives in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.. I want to bring her here to miami, is it easier for me to marry her in DR and then going to the council and getting visa..?? (look, I don't know the process! sorry!) Should I, or can I get the paper work here in miami or it needs to be done over there in Santo Domingo..or do I marry over there.. then here in miami do all the paper work?? or what?? I don't know where to begin.. can you guys help.. and what papers do I need.. and where to get them.. and even in Santo Domingo.. is the a number to call and setup an appointment..or should everything be done over there.. please help..

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    Larry Emmons

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    You can marry her in the DR because it will be almost impossible for her to get a visa to visit the United States, unless she already has one. After that, the United States Consulate will almost certainly require that she apply for a United States Residency. If everything is on the up-and-up and it is not a marriage of convenience (there is a very thorough investigation) it will take from six to nine months to receive the residency. If you marry here, you can apply for the residency either here or in the United States.

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    JENNA P.

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    Hi. From what i understand this can be a very long and expensive thing to have to find out legally what is required from the United States and from the Dominican Republic. I know here in Canada it is a very difficult process and takes quite a long time. Apparently it can take months and years to receive any paper work that is filed through the Dominican Government, you must remember that there are not very good laws for the Dominican people when they are trying to pursue and fight the government in their country. I know this must sound very disappointing but here are some addresses that may be some help to you:



    SA Embassy: Phone # (202)332-6280 1715 22nd St. NW Washington, D.C. 20008



    Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson, at Calle Leopoldo Navarro Santo Domingo Phone # (809)541-2171 Fax # (809)686-7437



    Calle Cesar Nicolas Penson, at Maximo Gomez Santo Domingo Phone # (809)221-5511 Fax # (809)686-7437



    1 Times Square Plaza Phone # (212)768-2480 11th Floor New York, NY 10036



    California (215)858-7365 or (415)982-5144 Chicago (312)235-9708 Florida (305)373-4862 Louisiana (504)522-1843 Massachusetts (617)482-8121 New York (212)768-2480 Pennsylvania (215)923-3006 or (412)363-2023 Washington, DC (202)332-6280

    I have a few books with a lot of information about the Dominican, let me know if there is anything else you want and i can try to help you!


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    Speaking from someone who has been through the process, there is only one reliable way to legally do this and that is a K1 fiancee visa. You can download the required forms from the INS service on the internet or go to your local INS office.

    The easy part is generally the application with the INS. The harder part is getting your appointment with the US consulate in Santo Domingo. Very briefly, here is the process...

    1. File for K1 fiancee visa at your regional INS office 2. Once your approval notice is sent, your papers are sent to the US consulate in Santo Domingo 3. Consulate notifies you that it has received your application and gives you a handful of other papers to complete 4. You wait for an interview 5. At interview the two of you are interviewed by consular officer in either English or Spanish, so one of you needs to speak the others language 6. If they think that your application is on the up and up, you are given a visa 7. You have to marry within ninety days of your fiancee entering the country or she has to return to the DR

    For more detailed info, email me diectly.

    Good luck

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    The advice you got about the fiancee visa is the best one. I obtained one for my girlfriend in Brazil, it only took about 4 months before I had her here in the USA. A friend of mine married his girlfriend in Brazil at the same time I was getting the fiancee visa. It took him more than a year before he had his wife here. So, definitely go the fiancee visa route and do not marry her until she is here in the USA. It also gives you some time to change your mind if things don't work out well after she arrives. I know you only have 90 days to marry her or she becomes illegal here, but I've heard you can get an extension. With the fiancee visa, your girlfriend will be able to work legally here in the USA.


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