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Thread: New Year's Eve in the DR??

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    I'm sure alot of us readers would love to hear some stories from those of you who were lucky enough to be in the DR for New Years! Gracias!

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    It was fabulous! We were at the Iberostar Dominicana. I thought they really did it up with style. They set up a band and tables on the beach on Dec. 31 and celebrated the turning of the clock in countries all around the world all day long. Each time the clock turned, they had resort staff dressed in costumes and served drinks native to the given country. For dinner, they had candlelight, served grilled lobster and handed out plenty of "goodies" such as hats, horns, and confetti. At each dinner place setting there was also a ceramic table favor that said "Millennium Iberostar" on it. It was a great souvenir! Just before midnight, the band on the beach kicked up again. At the stroke of 12:00, we were standing in paradise with our toes in the sand ---just where we wanted to be to begin the millennium.

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    i was on the beach in Las Terrenas for the millinium change. we were hanging out/dining on the beach in front of the hotel Diny. at midnite rockets and gunshots went off all over the pueblo, which was visable above/behind us. down the beach a hotel light off a huge fogata, (big bon fire) right at 12. the police station is next to the Diny, and the cops came out and blasted shotguns and pistols in the air! unsafe, but very cool! after this we all went up to the Nuevo Mundo and danced all night. i left at 630 am, and the place was still kicking! i would not have wanted to be any where else that night!


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