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    Just returned from Boca Chica/Santo Domingo for New Year's.Stayed at the Zapata. New hotel review of property has been posted. Great info for anyone thinking about staying at this property or the surrounding Boca Chica community.

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    Jim Hinsch

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    See link to this new review at

    Other recent reviews at (12/6/99), (11/20/99), (12/23/99), (12/25/99), (11/06/99), (10/27/99) All of these recent reviews except one are "never again" but to be fair, I suspect several of them were posted by the same person.

    Jim Hinsch [email protected]

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    I read your review of the Hotel Zapata and quite frankly I do not think it is an hotel where I would like to stay. You wrote that there is no phone, limited breakfast, etc... However, you wrote that the Zapata's family is HOMOPHOBIC ??? This is just terrible. Gay and lesbian have rights, don't they. Discrimination in any form is to be condemn (based on race, creeds, believe, faith, handicap or sexual orientation). I hope that one day, such as in European countries, legal remedies will be available to people against racism, homophobia and legal action can be taken against discriminating people. I am not saying that I share the lifestyle of homosexual people but as an human right activist I can't be silent to discriminating behavior. Therefore, I would definitely boycott Hotel Zapata. When you are open for business you have to accept the clientele the way they are. Finally, what's is that thing about girls allowe in rooms. Does Hotel Zapata is a revolving brother as someone wrote in his review or what ? Personnaly, I think that the North Coast is a much better destination that Boca Chica but I respect people choice.

    Good review anyway.

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    I find it extremely interesting that Robert gets on his soap box to defend the rights of gays, lesbians, and further decries discrimination against anyone regardless of race, creed, color, handicap, etc. THEN IN THE VERY SAME BREATH, he is quick to point out that he DOES NOT SHARE A HOMOSEXUAL LIFE STYLE. If none of this matters then why did you feel the NEED to distance yourself from the "homosexual lifestyle" that you were so ardently defending initially? You are exhibiting the same bias you are speaking out against! Methinks you are trying to give some degree of "respectability" to your own area of subtle discrimination.

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    Could not get this web sight to come up. See link to this new review at

    Are you the one who says they are homophobic??? I need more info on this. I know of a lesbian/gay group that are staying there later this year. Is is really that bad????

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    I am not saying not to patronize Zapata..but I wanted to warn traveler's considering staying that of the restrictions against overnight same sex guests. If you are planning reservations for a large alternative lifestyles group, you might want to email Zapata and ask if the lifstyle issue will present a problem.


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