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Thread: Coral canoa hotel any info?

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    We are plannning a vacation in Feb 2000. Has anyone been to the hotel yet? Was it open for Christmas vacation at full capacity?

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    Toured this hotel in December. It is lovely, comfortable, and the beach is one of the best in the DR. Be sure to walk the west side of the beach to discover lovely beach spots. The east side is a National Park. It seemed to be fully operational. Also, take the Saona Island tour and the Altos de Chavon tour. Keep in mind you are coming to a beach resort, where the beaches are the focus of everything, thus you are in for a relaxing vacation.

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    I havn't been to the Canoa , but if it's anything like it's sister hotels the Hamaca and the Costa caribe ( i have been to both ) they were outstanding resorts ..... I don't think you will have any problems there ...a execellent choice !!!


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