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Thread: Travel agents in DR?

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    Default Travel agents in DR?

    Can anyone recommend a good, reliable travel agent in the DR?

    I have traveled to the DR 7 times in the last year and have consistently found that the prices I can get from the same hotel are 50% if booked through a DR travel agent then if I go through an agent in the US or book direct.

    In the past I have used Emely Tours in Santo Domingo, but have found it increasingly difficult to get them to call me back, fax me a confirmation or do anything. And in the DR where the hotels more often than not cannot find your reservation, you need the fax confirmation to check-in.

    My wife is Dominican, so an agent that speaks English is not necessary.


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    Ray Modesto

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    Temptation Tours & Travel Plaza Francesa, Abraham Lincoln Suite 229 Santo Domingo, RD 800 319-9632 809 887-6688 Fax 809-227-6696 [email protected]

    Ray Modesto Travel Specialist


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