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    Default DR Police Reform?

    I wanted to get some information on something I heard about the police in the Dominican Republic. I know that there has always been curruption in the system. And I also know about them pulling you over and you being able to offer money and get off the hook. Now, what I heard is that now they are replacing those cops with these new ones that no longer accept money and that if you do offer them money they will arrest you. I just wanted to know if anyone is more informed on that issue. If so, I would like to know more about it. Thank you.

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    Default Re: DR Police Reform?

    Not more informed but would love to see it. I've been to the DR 8 times and about to buy tix for Jan. and feb. Only once have I had a problem with police.

    After a night of dancing and partying with my novia, we decided to walk across the Malecon from our Hotel, to look at the sea. We were just sitting there talking, and looking at the view when two police came up to inform me that I am not Dominican. Yeah I said, so what?

    They said my novia was Dominican. Boy they are sharp down there;-) I said yeah, is there a problem. They started talking to my novia, and she started gettig nervous. They were speaking fast so I didn't understand. I told them I'm staying across the street and was heading to my Hotel, they could find me there.

    Then I heard one cop say, 100 pesos. Then I got mad and said let's go to my novia and started heading across the street. She got upset and told me they were just doing their jobs. She gave the guy 100 pesos.

    I was ****ed but didn't understand. Once we got in the Hotel eleveator she started to cry. They had accused her of being a prostitute. She comes from the small town of Cotui and never experienced this type of harassment before. Now I was really ****ed. I started out the door to look for these loser cops.

    She started crying more, so I stopped and explained to her, that she should never under any circumstances be worried about them. She said she didn't want me to have any problems or spend a night at the police station.

    I told her I would be glad to go to the station and that had I understood what was happening I would have DEMANDED to go to the station. I would love to speak to their supervisor. I have a friends card in my wallet, that works for the Dominican Consulate in NY, he is good friends with Fernandez. I would have had heads rolling.

    She again tried to tell me that they were just doing their jobs. I said if their job is to make women cry, they are sad, sad men. She now understands that what they did is not right.

    The next night we walked from our hotel to the juragua hand in hand just waiting to run into those cops. We saw one of them, but not the one that demanded the propina. I put a big smile on my face daring him to hassle me. He didn't.

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    Default Re: DR Police Reform?

    In Sosua, Puerto Plata and Santiago I know that for the last year or more the police no longer stop you to ask for tips or money for a cold one. (At least as far as foreigners (read Gringos) are concerned.)

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    ECH, M.D.

    Default Re: FOOLHARDY

    Very interesting. In a desire to protect yourself, your friends and your macho image you are placing yourself in grave danger! The only head that is likely to roll is your own. Remember poor Rodney King? I agree wholeheartedly with your distaste and displeasure with the situation but your actions are foolhardy. At that moment, they have the upper hand. Very few foreign countries share the same basic personal freedoms that Americans do, however this advice goes to even those living in America. First. There is NO judge and jury in the street with you! Or the police station once you get there.If you get there! And neither is your consular friend or the President. And when they ARE alerted (if they are), they may never find you. I searched several police stations for a friend and they all denied he was there but in fact HE WAS AT ONE. Second. You must also remember there are many people in La Victoria and similar prisons through out the world, and have been there for a prolonged time, and NEVER CHARGED WITH A CRIME OR HAD A TRIAL. I know personally of an individual who spent THREE MONTHS in a jail and was never charged with anything. And there are people in La Victoria today that were ordered released months ago but “they have not gotten around to it yet.” I think the best analogy is…”it is not wise to argue with someone that is holding a gun to your head.” Don’t argue with those in authority in the streets, wait until the appropriate time and place and with the proper person in charge in front of witnesses. Even then, it may not be totally safe. Discretion is the better part of valor.

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    Default Re: DR Police Reform?


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    T Santos

    Default Bribes (propina)'s a fact of life......

    Most people have to realize that bribes (propina) are a fact of life in th DR,no-one likes it but it happens everyday and I also doubt very much if one of the "new" policia were offered a bribe that they lay charges against the person.In a country where the average cop makes much less than some pimply face kid flipping burgers at McDonalds...well you have to expect some's simple servival.If you think that American,Canadian or European cops don't take bribes HUH! your kidding yourself.The DR and it's people are fantastic but this is no fantasyland and crap happens.I would rather pay $100 peso propina and bitch about it than sitting behind bars bitching that I wish I had es divertido!

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    Default Re: FOOLHARDY

    First of all the reason propinas are a way of life is because evryone goes along with it. If the guy was just hasseling me I would have thrown him 50 pesos and walked away laughing at him. The point is he upset my girlfriend, made her cry and acused her of being a hooker.

    I refuse to accept that making an innocent girl cry is a way of life for anyone. If that is his mission in life, or his "job", then he is a piece of crap.

    I am 100% sure that he had no intentions or desire to go to the station. They had no vehicle, no cuffs no radio, nada. I was already halfway to my hotel when she went back to give him money. I would have been glad to have the Hotel management call the police station for them, after recording their identification. My buddy was in town and would have been looking for me the next morning. Trust me, once I gave them a hard time, they were looking to find an easier mark, maybe you.

    The money has nothing to do with it. I am constantly charged the "gringo rate" by taxis. I laugh at them, tell them it is a funny joke, give them the money, then next time they come rushing up for my business, laugh twice as hard and keep on walking.

    On New Years, a taxi driver drove my buddy's novia and her friend from avenida espana to the Hotel Plaza , and then all 4 of us to the Juragua. I asked how much and he said 50 pesos. All the other taxis were charging me 80 pesos just to go from the Plaza to the Juragua. I told the guy, I liked the fact that he was honest and gave him 100 pesos. I used him several times the rest of my trip, including a trip to Santiago which made his day.

    If you reward honesty with propinas, you get more honesty, if you reward low life pices of crap with propinas. . . . . . . .

    you do the math.

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    William Leslie

    Default Re: FOOLHARDY

    I can see why you are asked for the "gringo" rate. You have an attitude and chip on your shoulder. I have lived here over 12 years, never paid the Gringo rate, have not paid a propina to police in last 5 years (often stopped but never paid..and I drive every day of the week)You DO NOT KNOW HOW TO LIVE IN THIS COUNTRY NOR DO YOU SEEM TO UNDERSTAND HOW OR WHY IT WORKS WHICH IF YOU DID WILL AVOID YOU PAYING IN MOST CASES. Oviously you do not like it here so why not go home where you can deal with it. I have yet to see a police hassle a non-prositute but heard of it a couple of times. They know better than you whos is their country. You are definitely a "Gringo"

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    nobodys fool

    Default Re: FOOLHARDY

    Prty, most likely the reason why the cops hassled your girlfreind in the Malecon is because its a place for hookers to ply their trade to foreigners such as you. Dominican men have the six sence on spotting a chick that is not a (senorita de anillo), and when they see a girl with a foreigner, they figure she is either with him for money or other alterior motives(like a ticket out of there). So like another person gave you good advice. Save your macho attitude because being in jail in the DR is not fun, after the inmates get thru with you, you might decide not to like girls after all.

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    Default Re: FOOLHARDY

    First of all I love it down there, which is why I have been there 8 times in the last year. Plus I have plans for end of January, and Carnaval in February. I have no chip on my shoulder at all. My buddy had a business down there and went down a few times a month for over three years. He was constantly charged the Gringo rate, as well. Maybe it is because we don't live there and are always being picked up at Hotels. This immeiately signals the cab drivers that they can charge extra. As I said, it doesn't really bother me.

    As far as cops knowing hookers better than I do, I don't think so. I told the cop that I was staying at the Hotel across the street and had checked in with my girlfriend. I was more than happy to prove it to him. He was not interested in the truth only his pay off.

    My girlfriend comes from Cotui, college educated, family owns the Hotel in Cotui, brothers are doectors and sisters are dentists etc. She is much less aware of the prostituion in SD than I am. She was shocked and hurt.

    If getting ****ed because some a-hole made this wonderful girl cry makes me a macho Gringo with an attitude so be it.

    All the posts about getting pulled over etc. would not bother me. I'd pay and get on with it. If you would just stand by and watch as your girlfriend was insulted and crying, that is your problem. She probably doesn't deserve it.

    There was ZERO chance of my going to jail. ZERO chance.

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