Wally has been a mailman with a rural route for years. Everyday, he gets in, sorts his mail, and gets out to deliver to the people he’s known for years. With few exceptions, Wally’s known everybody on his route most of his life, except the new young couple fixing up the old Johnson farmhouse which is the last stop on Wally’s route.

A couple of days before Christmas, Wally is finishing up his route out by the Johnson place, when the young wife comes to the door and calls out to him “Hey, Wally, you got time for some breakfast?” So Wally goes in and this attractive woman fixes him an excellent big breakfast while his boots drip off by the door.

After breakfast, Wally is looking at the door when his hostess touches his arm. When he looks back at her, he can’t help but notice her bathrobe has dropped open and she’s not wearing anything under it to speak of.

“Hey Wally,” she says, “would ya have time to come upstairs for a few minutes?” So he goes up and has the absolute best time of his life.

So now Wally is back downstairs, all warm and glowing, getting his boots back on and heading out into the snow when the woman says, “Wait a minute.” She goes to her purse, gets out a dollar bill and hands it to Wally saying “Merry Christmas”.

This is just too much, and Wally asks her what’s going on.

“Well my husband and I were talking about what to get people for Christmas last night. When your name came up, my husband said “**** him, give him a dollar.” Breakfast was my idea.”