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    Default Ruffling feathers...

    For those of you who enjoy following the very idiosyncratic ways of Dominican politics, here's an example of a subtle message, put out by the owners of Diario Libre, one of the major local newspapers, against the Cardinal (and the Catholic Church in general), who recently came out publicly in favor of (the) reelection (of current president Leonel Fernandez). By the commentaries at the end of the article, it sure ruffled some feathers....

    Diario Libre Online

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    Ruffled a few handbags, too. 1000 for 30 mins?? Wig switching included no doubt.

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    Kind of like calling the kettle black.

    So who's the whore? The guys dressed up like girls, in the streets pulling tricks, or the owners of Diario Libre, who also crashed and burned BanCredito and Segna? Who's paying who, and how much, and who is dressed up as something they ARE NOT, Diario Libre?
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