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    Default Rockies Christmas Gifts

    Just returned from 52 days in Sosua.
    Finally got to meet Mark and Ted from Rockys Bar.
    Enjoyed their Thanksgiving Turky Dinner very much. ( OK I am a Brit but I love Turkey Dinners, especially good ones )
    Mark told me about how for the past few years he and some friends collect bottles of champagne and presents for the kids at Christmas. He said that he and his friends would drive into one of the poorest areas and give the presents to the kids, some of them have never had a wrapped present before and Mark says the look on their faces is priceless. The parents get to try the champagne so a good time is had by all.
    To me, this is the true spirit of Christmas and I have to congratulate and thank Mark and his friends for all the time and effort they put into making this event happen. I had to leave before the wrapping was finished but the pile of presents were very impressive. (see photos in wrapping paper thread) Outstanding achievement Mark it was a pleasure meeting you and Ted. I have to say Ted is the most laid back and nicest barman you would ever want to meet. It must be obvious that I was impressed by Rockys Bar and as for the best breakfasts in Sosua, after 51 of them I can vouch that they are very good and very reasonably priced. Hope to return end of March.
    Merry Christmas everyone

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    Default Muchas Gracias.

    Merry Christmas, Keith.

    Ted, (praticing his favorite sport) says. "Hey"

    And the gals, wish you a speedy return.

    And a thousand thank you's, for your very generous contribution.


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