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    Default Best upcoming hood in Dr ?

    Last year I finished building a casa in this place called mairnon secondo near the new airport Isabella and righ near where the new metro is lol.. but it is not Villa Milla . its near Maximo Gomez and Jacobo Majluta. Santo Domingo north. The mayor lives there lots of lawyers lol, business people some deputies and retired Dominicans. I was wondering if there is any feedback on this. Hey I'm already commited . I just want my fellow DR1 family's input. Thx

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    If it wasn't for the road conditions and distance from the central part of town which I usually visit when I go back, I'd buy up there. The views are amazing and the housing is relatively inexpensive compared to the rest of the city. Villa Mella actually has some decent housing, even though the streets are messed up...


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