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    Default Please, help me

    I am a dominican man Living out DR since 1981. Couple of nights ago, I was talking with my friends about a Disco we used to visit in "La Feria" area of Santo Domingo We are talking about the later 70's and the early 80's. It was close to the first Laundromat I remember in Santo Domingo. This laundromat was located in the Independencia Ave. We had a friendly discussion about the name of the Discotheque or "boite" because none of us could exactly remember the name of the local. The only thing we agreed it was that this was the darkest discotheque in Santo Domingo. But the issue continues.

    Please, If someone remembers the name of this local, let me know. It would be great to bring the name to the group as soon as possible.



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    Ari you posted the same message twice in the 'Dominicans abroad' forum. I moved the first one to the 'Santo Domingo' forum and this one to the 'Living' forum. Wait till someone responds please and don't post the same message again. Thank you.



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