If you are from the Detroit area, it seems that flights to Punta Cana (PJU) are much easier to find than say, making connections to Santiago. Sol a lot of people that really want to come to Santiago or the Cibao area take flights to PJU and get a taxi to pick them up and take them back: Cost is RD$20,000 (about US$600). The reasoning is simple. To get fromthat part of the US to the central part of the DR requires at least two stopovers and sometimes three. That and the time travelled seem to make sense to a lot of travellers.

So now you know. You can PM me for drivers if you want/need one.

Santiago-La Romana taxis

You can rent a taxi for RD$2500 per day + hotel + gas and food to travel back and forth to La Romana. HOtel is about * star... However, you leave the driveing to someone else who is at your beck and call.

Now you know.