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    Unhappy Mr. Guzman can you advise me ??and others ?

    I am married to a Dominican woman married 10/17/05 in Cambita D.R... All papers have been filed and processed here in the U.S. and we are now on the list in the D.R. embassy .I was told by an operator at the embassy she is on a list of 25,000 and may have to wait 14 more months.I am a U.S. citizen, What is the problem.?What can I do or is it possible to expediate the process.

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    I don't think Mr. Guzman does Visas. He is not an immigration attorney.

    However, from what I know it can take up to two years from the initial filing date to bring your spouse here.

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    There's no problem it's just the way it is when so many have applications to immigrate to the US. It takes about 2 years all together not much you can do about it.
    Like El Tigre said Mr Guzman doesn't anwer questions about US immigration visas.

    Have a look at this website :: Index people there can tell you more about the wait time.

    Be patient and good luck.


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